Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome Back Potter

Unable to withstand the fear any longer, I ventured out to the cineplex and caught the earliest showing of the new Harry Potter movie.

"Wait... Fear?"


For those who can't count, this is movie #5.
My fear is that at some point Warner Brothers will just assume that the audience will show up based on the fact that the sign on the door says Harry Potter.

No worries though.

More than a few critics have panned The Order Of The Phoenix.
Biggest complaint: It's too dark...this is not the Harry Potter we met in film one.

Hey Mr. and Mrs. Critic, let's clear something up right now.

Harry Potter isn't a set of children's books. It is a set of books about a person named Harry Potter. It just happens that Harry starts off as a child in this series. Harry isn't a child anymore and his life has always been lived in the shadow of pure evil. As to the "darkness" in the film...Harry is now a teenager - ever known a teenager that didn't get at least a little darker than they were as a child?


The movie is by far my favorite in the series so far. The best fight scene I've seen with magic - ever!
The jokes were funny. The sad parts really made me feel sad. No doubt it's a grown up just so happens that I like grown up movies.
Justice was done to the book as best as could be expected. **another note to those who still see Harry Potter as a children's many children's books are 870 pages long?

I give the film 5 out of 5 Thumbs.

The final book will also be getting a review here soon...but I'm not sure why.

Fans of the books are going to read it even if it gets thousands of crappy reviews. People who aren't fans of the book aren't likely to start reading the series because the end has finally arrived.